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Gravis Tech designs and deploys technical solutions that convey complex ideas. Using Data Analytics, Data Visualization, and Technical Communications tools, we create new ways to analyze, see, and share data.

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We Go Beyond.

Rocket-Fueled Data

Data Analytics

Ask meaningful questions. Get meaningful results.

We start by asking hard questions about the purpose for the project and then create communication plans.  All projects have a communication plan. Once we understand the goal of the project, we can design analytics that derive meaningful information out of the system.

Business Intelligence


Geographic Info Systems


Database Design & Development

Data Analytics Case

The Theodores

Litter Cleanup Tracker

The Theodores is a grassroots community activist group that seeks to inspire people to clean up littered areas. Participants perform “Teddy’s” by participating in a litter cleanup activity. Prior to the development of this data system, The Theodores leaders used multiple web systems to communicate to stakeholders. They used a WIX website, a WordPress blog, and Facebook. Tracking their global progress was difficult because they manually tracked their cleanup statistics. We were able to consolidate their workflow into one easy to use, dynamic website that incorporates mobile friendly user forms and dynamic statistical reporting.

We went beyond by helping integrate the site with the group’s social media network.  We recognize that the biggest path for growth for any social movement is through social media.  So, when users enter “Teddy’s” using their mobile devices, content is automatically pushed to Facebook.  Automation of social media content ensures users are engaged and constantly reminded to participate.

“Gravis Tech created a website that helps us track user data and encourages user participation in unique and visual ways. They are constantly looking for ways to improve our site, available to fix any issues that arise and suggesting new solutions. Their customer service is excellent and they always go above and beyond to help us. They did a great job of listening to our wants and needs and we are very satisfied with the product they delivered.”

Dylan Stegemeir, Founder

The Theodores

We Go Beyond.

Space-Age Visuals

Data Visualization

3D visualizations help you to see your data in new ways.

It takes exponentially more brainpower to try to visualize your data in 2D. By utilizing the 3rd dimension, we can employ our natural brain to recognize patterns, consume more data, and make relevant connections. This makes data we collect more useful.

We employ many unique visualization techniques. Our solutions range in complexity to meet your needs. Contact us to discuss how to integrate an engaging visualization into your project or presentation.








Data Visualization Case

Idaho National Laboratory

3d wayfinding Simulation

Our data visualization team was tasked with researching technologies to produce a mobile web-based 3D wayfinding application for the Idaho National Laboratory’s (INL) Space Management Program (SMP). The INL campus is comprised of multiple buildings in Idaho Falls, ID, as well as outside of the city on the 890 square mile INL complex. The buildings are often large and complex and difficult for employees and visitors to navigate. Many of the buildings have 2D maps that are difficult to read and can be time consuming to maintain.  They were interested in developing an interactive 3D mobile wayfinding application. If developed, the application will help users locate corridors, stairwells, exits, conference rooms, cafeterias, co-work spaces, and individual offices. The final deliverable for this project was a report detailing our findings and a simple proof of concept pictured above.

While there are many commercially available products that accomplish this goal, our client had unique constraints that made using standard off the shelf software difficult.  Our deliverable was to provide a comprehensive report describing the current state of available technologies. 

We went beyond by providing a proof of concept and a work plan that described how their team could accomplish the final implementation with very little software investment. 

Technologies used : ESRI (ArcScene, CityEngine, ArcMap, ArcGISOnline, Portal), QGIS, ThreeJS, PlayCanvas, Blender4Web

“We found Gravis Tech to be cost-effective, prompt and courteous to work with. Finding a company that is forward thinking, proactive and attentive to our needs is important to us.”

Joe Close

South Fork Coeur d’Alene River Sewer District

We Go Beyond.

Mission Critical

Technical Communications

Design and deploy mission critical technical communications that convey complex ideas and data.

Our team understands how to communicate complex scientific ideas and technology.  The depth of our team ensures that your message is communicated clearly and concisely at all stakeholder levels.  Many of our technologists have scientific backgrounds and understand how to best communicate new concepts and technologies.  We often employ visual tools and graphics to help clients illustrate and communicate specific data sets and research that they wish to convey to a variety of targeted audiences.




Data Management Case

Spokane Regional Health District

Community Health Insights

Gravis Tech worked with Spokane Regional Health District (SRHD) to provide an online, one-stop-shop web based data portal for community and population-based data sets. Through this effort, website users now have access to a variety of data and information sets summarized and prepared for public use. This portal enables local communities to utilize public health data to inform policy and program decisions. Our scope included working with the SRHD Data Management Group to create a highly customized website on a very tight project schedule.

We went beyond by performing a robust requirements gathering process to help the customer design their vision for the final product.  During project initiation, it became clear that more design discussions were needed.   We pivoted our project schedule and worked closely with the project team to produce a product we are all proud of. 

Corporate Facts

A few facts about our company:

Center of the Universe

Our team members are located throughout the Pacific Northwest. Our headquarters are located in historic Wallace, Idaho (AKA "The Center of the Universe").


412 River Street
Wallace, ID 83873